Marketing Services can mean many things to many people. At Name in Light our Marketing Services Team is composed of talented professionals with the sole purpose of planning, creating and organizing your communications, marketing materials, promotional products and branding into a clear and concise identity. All the pricing below is for basic pricing for a ball park figure. A customized price will be provided once a meeting  finished and we can determine the best options for you.

WEB Production


Web Hosting $60/yr
Web Hosting Med. $99/yr
Web Hosting Bus. $120/yr
Web Design 10 pg. $1,200
Web updates $80/hr.
Graphics Custom
Photography Custom
Product Photography $10-$25
Commercial Photography $150/hr
 Writing Web page Content $75.00
 Writing Web article Content  $50.00

Visual Production


Ad Photography Custom
Video (web) 1-3 mn. Edited $1,200
Video Commercial 3 -15 mn Edit $1500
Video Marketing $500/mo
Film Production Commercial Custom
Talent Hire / modeling $150/hr
Talent Hire / Acting Custom

Digital Marketing


SEM $1500
SEO Local $500
 PPC Management  $300
SEO nation wide $2,000
Social Media $500