Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing in Colombian  Ports / Time of the   prop polish operation 3-4 hours / Reduced their fuel costs 7-8%.

SEBUTE Have now available, quick and efficient, new state of the art equipment in the market for, hull cleaning,  propeller polishing and grinding. The following tools are now ready at SEBUTE for your services.

Turns two 15″ cleaning brushes. Cleans a 30″ wide strip at 100 feet per minute. AS-T15 is capable of cleaning ships from 100 (30.48 meters) to 700 (213.36 meters) plus feet or larger. Designed for a one diver operation and minimum support equipment and personnel. No heavy duty cranes or large workboats needed.

Set up time is fast and TIME is MONEY

UNDERWATER CLEANING UNIT: MC 111/ High speed Hydraulic smallest model introduced into service and is best suited for cleaning, polishing and grinding of ships hulls, propellers and thrusters

IMS IT- 1309 PROP POLISHER’S high speed achieves Rupert Scale “A”.  No motor driven pumps, hydraulic hoses or oil to deal with. Eliminates oil/pollution. Travels as overhead luggage.

The 16 HB Commercial Hull Cleaner & Prop Polisher.

The AS 16 HB is currently being used by Commercial Diving Companies worldwide.  Hull cleaning and propeller polishing on any size vessel.  The AS 16 HB with auto vortex™ suction holds brush against the hull and propels unit forward effortlessly, cutting diver fatigue.

Regular propeller polishing can be good business for the vessel owner! Most of our clients have reduced their fuel costs by up to 7-8% after our cleaning services.

Hull Cleaning – Reduces friction and provides substantial savings in fuel consumption (vertical sides, rudder, bilge keels, grids, flat bottom and sea chests)

  • Propeller –  Cleaning and Polishing
  • Propeller – Repair and Modification
  • Echo Sounder Transducers – Cleaning, replacement and Alignment
  • U-Wild – Underwater inspection; instead of dry docking
  • Valves – Inspection and Changing
  • Sacrificial Anodes – Inspection, Change, or Installation
  • Rudder – Blade Repair and Removal
  • Underwater Welding Repair of all Ship Components
  • Hyperbaric and Cofferdam Welding Repairs
  • NDT Inspection of vessel components