Technology and Equipment

SEBUTE S.A. has two (2) stations for semiautonomous air diving up to 46 m depth. Each station consists of :hyperbaric chamber, 120 CFM LP compressor, 90 CFM LP compressor, Heliox mask band and Superlite helmet with communications, underwater communication radio, rock box, 200 ft and 600 ft umbilicals and basic diving equipment.

The company also has available volume compressors, hydraulic units, suction pumps, winches, beach gear, nylon ropes, salvage and standard maritime gear, pneumatic and hydraulic tools as well as inflatable Zodiac Mark III, IV and V boats, lift bags and marine VHF communication radio.


Specialized Equipment for semi-autonomous diving

The company also has Underwater Video systems for either color or black and white recording with a high resolution video camera, surface viewing and recording console, underwater lights, 300 and 600 ft umbilicals, submarine communication cables and VHS recording system, NIKONOS IV-V underwater still cameras with flash and other accessories.


Equipment to make stabilization of submarine pipe in the Guajira area

Non-Destructive Test (NDT) equipment includes ultrasonic thickness gauging, Underwater Magnaflux Sygnus ā€œIā€ (UT), Bathycorrometer Roxby Mark V for Potential Measurements (C.P.), underwater equipment for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and sophisticated advanced technology for ultrasound internal corrosion assessment (TMI-150 Type B) which provides 100 % coverage by means of a video sectional cutting image of plates to be inspected; showing any internal corrosion, laminations and inclusions of tanks, pipelines and container plates.

Installation of blankets of concrete to stabilize submarine pipe, in the Guajira area