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Carrera 7 A No. 57-27 Barrio Bellavista – Sector Mamonal - Cartagena de Indias, DT y C. Colombia

Phones: (57) (5) 667 2055 / (57) (5) 667 2056 Cell Phone: (57) 315 731 1484SpanishEnglish

Sebute SA



“SPECIALIZED DIVING AND TECHNICAL SERVICES” Sebute SA, is a company that provides specialized offshore marine and underwater engineering services, maritime and fluvial rescue, inspections, repairs, maintenance and repairs, hydroelectric plants, water collection systems in thermoelectric plants, pipelines marine and subfluvial crosses, removal of marine organisms to the live works of boats, docks, oil terminals (single buoys SPM), gas platforms, oceanography and hydrography and dredging. Supply of boats, tugboats, floating cranes, barges, as well as specialized personnel, photography and video filming systems (CCTV) underwater, equipment for autonomous and semi-autonomous diving with air and gas mixtures, equipment for non-destructive testing (NDT), corrosion studies and other services such as, distribution and sale of equipment for use in extreme conditions, biological and chemical, as well as operations illicit tactics, personal protection, commercial diving, scientific, salvage elements, equipment operated by remote control (ROV) and sports.

Additionally Sebute S.A., supplies and gives local logistic support and international companies that carry out offshore activities, such as geochemical exploration in the seabed, geotechnical extraction, environmental assessments, meteorological and oceanographic studies, laying of submarine fiber optic cables and search projects and salvage.